Kristi Crawford


Behind The Lens

(this is a little lengthy so feel free to read as much or little as you want, hopefully it will give you an idea as to who i am and what i am about) a lil person growing up i have always loved looking at pictures, to me it was the only tangible way to remember people, places and moments forever! When i graduated high school i was given my first camera (which i still have today) of course it was film...when  our youngest daughter was born, Josh bought a digital camera, at first i have to admit i was not amuzed as how could digital ever be as good as film?! So what did i do, i refused to use it, until one day i didn't have my Minolta 35mm with me and the only camera available to me was the digital camera and it was all over i was hooked!

...some say that you need to find a niche and stay with that one area, for me i don't want life to be the same over and over again to me every wedding, birth, family and commercial shoot is different, each one has it's own uniqueness! capturing life and love...i love romance, adventure, celebrations, laughter, authenticity, distinction, creativity, the littlest of things in life, animals great and small (other than snakes), 

...we call our home the "Crawford Chaos Ranch" even tho we don't live on a true ranch we still consider our small spot on this earth as love love spending time with the love of my life and our children, they constantly keep me on my toes!  Love oatmeal cookies, candy of any kind (except chocolate), coconut cream pies, basically almost anything with sugar. i love gardening, hiking, repurposing, creating, nature, canning and taking things apart to make something completely different...i am stubborn, Josh calls me a goat (i am a Capricorn), i have been known to push the limits to capture that perfect point of view...

...i believe in happily ever after (but not w/out hard work) and magical moments they happen every day...

Always up for traveling anywhere send me a note with as little or as many details as you would like, i look forward to meeting you,